ICT in Optimization of Machines Movement at Open-Pit Coal Mine

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Auxiliary machinery is used at the open-pit coal mine (machines: bulldozers, trench excavators, pipe-laying machines,....) for performance of auxiliary work (excavation, construction of route,....) in order to provide an uninterrupted operation of the basic machinery for excavation of waste rock and coal. Machines are moving from one area of the open-pit to another. Movement of machines along the open-pit is limited space-wise by conveyor belts serving for conveyance of waste rocks and coal, including other natural obstructions (steep slopes, mud, water). These obstructions affect the open-pit machines’ length of trajectory, duration of movement and consumption of fuel. Observing the said problem, a model for optimizing the “movement” of open-pit auxiliary machinery has been developed and applied with ICT, namely GPS/GPRS and appropriate software solution, as presented herein. Model determines the „shortest“ path of the machine to the job which can result in significant fuel savings and reducing failures machines.

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Issue: Vol 4 No 07 (2018)
Page No.: 1 to 10
Section: Articles
DOI: https://doi.org/10.23958/ijsei/vol04-i07/01

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