Improvement of Business Operation by Application of ICT in the Open-Pit Coal Mine

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Public Enterprise “Thermal Power Plants and Open Pit Mines Kostolac” designed, developed and implemented ICT) namely, GPS/GPRS and IS/IT on the open coal pit mine "Drmno" in Serbia, for the management of construction and mining machines (bulldozers, excavators, cranes, pipe layers, ...) and vehicles (fuel tankers, transport of workers and cargo, ...) of auxiliary machinery. The aim of the application of ICT in the management of auxiliary machinery is successful organization and better use of resources while ensuring the planned work of basic machinery (excavator, stackers) at the excavation of waste rock and coal.


This paper presents the application of ICT in auxiliary machinery on open coal pit mines with the corresponding system and software solutions for the management of machines and vehicles. The results of the application provide the parameters of operation (position, trajectory, operating time, fuel consumption ...), machines and vehicles from operational work, in real time. This ensures the successful management of the operation of machines and vehicles in real time.

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