Comparative Study on Polyvinyl and Polyamide (Polymers) Resins as Corrosion Resistance Coating on Low Carbon Steel

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Two commonly applied corrosion resistance coatings (Polyvinyl and Epoxy Polyamide resins) in Rivers and Bayelsa areas of Nigeria, have been compared on performance properties. The coatings were applied on low Carbon Steel samples that were cut to specific sizes. These prepared samples were subjected to varying conditions of pH, temperatures and exposure to definite time periods. The corrosion rates in ML per year (MPY) were then analyzed. The results of the corresponding corrosion rate in MPY obtained at PH 2,3,4,5, and 6, for epoxy polyamid resin, were 0.566, 0.553, 0.379, 0.354 and 0.322 respectively, and that for polyvinyl resin were 0.334, 0.326, 0.314, 0.288 and 0.277 respectively. The effect of temperature at 30° C, 4 ° C, 50° C, 60° C and 70°C were compared and corresponding corrosion rate in MP obtained for epoxy polyamide were 0.158, 0.288, 0.477, .655 and 0.810 respectively, while that for polyvinyl resin gave values of 0.122, 0.21 ,0.411, 0.552 and 0.651 respectively. The time exposure in hours of 692, 1008, 1344, 1680 and 2016 for the test steel samples applied with epoxy polyamide resin coating gave a corresponding corrosion values in MPY of 0.012, 0.016, 0.030, 0.043 and 0.055 respectively, and that for polyvinyl resin coating were 0.002, 0.009, 0.020, 0.034 and 0.044 respectively. The results obtained showed that polyvinyl resin coating have better performance properties over epoxy polyamide resin. Therefore polyvinyl resin coating can be recommended as a good corrosion resistance coating on low carbon steel pipes used in crude oil exploration in Petroleum industries

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Issue: Vol 4 No 10 (2018)
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