Distribution of Phytochemicals and Some Anti-nutrients in Selected Edible Mushrooms in Ekiti State, Nigeria

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The present study was carried out to determine the phytochemical and anti nutritional composition of some selected edible mushrooms collected in Ekiti State, Nigeria such as Pleurotus sajor-caju, Termitomyces robustus, Lentinus squarosullus, Termitomyces microcarpous, Termitomyces clypeatus, Lentinus tuber-regium and Polyporus sp. The results of phytochemical analyses revealed the presence of phytochemicals such as alkaloids (0.03-0.17%), saponin (0.03-0.12%), total phenols (0.12-4.32%), flavonoids (0.20-6.04%) and tannins (0.04-2.60%). The least concentration of all the phytochemicals was found in Polyporus sp. Results of anti nutrient screening revealed the presence of phytate (0.17-0.34mg/g), oxalate (1.87-4.04mg/g) and cyanide (0.05-0.27mg/g). Furthermore, results revealed significant differences in the phytochemical as well as anti nutritional composition of the mushrooms though some species had similar compositions. The obtained values of phytochemicals and anti nutrients were significantly lower in all the mushroom species compared to their toxic levels according to World Health Organization stipulated safe limits. Thus, the study suggests that all the mushroom species are very safe for consumption while the presence of alkaloids, saponins, phenols and flavonoids indicate medicinal potentials. Hence, screening and characterization of the secondary metabolites are required.

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