Response of the Pepper Cultivation (Capsicum anuumm) to four Bioestimulantes in three Areas of the Province of Los Rios

Cesar Ramiro Bermeo Toledo, Luis Tarquino Llerena Ramos, Paula Marisol Plaza Zambrano

Pages No. 265 to 286

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Ethical and Moral Values ​​in the Teaching Process - Learning in Higher Education

Marisol Betty Véliz Aguilar, Freddy Jeovanny Fares Vargas, Paula Marisol Plaza Zambrano

Pages No. 287 to 293

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Evaluation of Different Types of Substrates in Cocoa Nursery (Theobroma Cacao L.)

Luis Tarquino Llerena Ramos, Cesar Ramiro Bermeo Toledo, Paula Marisol v

Pages No. 294 to 303

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Characterization of the Value Chain of Rice Cultivation in Ecuador

Yanila Esther Granados Rivas, Sandra Cecilia Muñoz Macías, Luis Amable Zambrano Medranda

Pages No. 304 to 312

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Pedagogical relevance of educational Neuroscience in the training of the Software Engineer

Jorge Wilson Saa Saltos, Fares Bargas Freddy Jeovanny, Macias Romero Jaime Enrique, Véliz Aguilar Marisol Betty

Pages No. 313 to 316

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